CominG to dubai in 2018

Learn Coding from scratch in two weeks


Duration: 2 weeks | Full time 9:00am to 6:00pm

Hours: 130 Hours

Tuitions: Contact us for tuition details

Locations: Dubai, UAE | San Francisco, CA


What will I learn ?

Our Fullstack curriculum is designed to take you on a journey from front-end to backend to database architecture. You will also learn how to be comfortable to learn things on your own after the program ends and equip you with the right tools to become a professional software developer. Technologies in the Fullstack Immersive program include:

  • Git Version control
  • Node JS
  • Express JS
  • RESTful APIs
  • Deployment to production environment
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap

What are the requirements and prerequisites for this Bootcamp ?

Although this coding Bootcamp doesn't require any previous coding experience, but we select students that are willing to work hard and that are willing to learn in this fast paced class. There are no prerequisites for taking the Coding Bootcamp but it's Ideal to follow our Pre-Class instructions. Don't be mistaken, this Bootcamp is no easy thing, It's pretty similar to the fitness Bootcamps, with the help of the instructor, perseverance, hard working mentality and pushing oneself to the limit you will be amazed of the tremendous outcome you will be able to achieve and be proud of.


How does the bootcamp work ?

Coding Bootcamp is a little different than legacy classrooms. coding caret believes in learning by doing so our classes run in the form of short lectures followed by hands-on workshops with the instructor. On a typical day, the instructor live codes examples to the class and students take time to work individually or in groups to work on coding activities under the instructor guidance.

Will I be building projects that I can put in my portfolio ?

Absolutely. coding caret focuses on giving students opportunity to build awesome projects that could be used later in student's portfolio. In fact, building projects is essential to graduate and gain the graduation certificate.

Will I get a certificate upon graduation ?

You get certified from coding caret -California licensed Technology Education LLC- upon graduating from the Bootcamp. All languages and technologies we tech don't require a license to practice them or use them in your personal projects or enterprise software.