Who are we

Coding Caret was founded by a group of professional software engineers in the silicon valley area out of northern California. We follow our passion in teaching programming and started to teach in San Francisco, CA being a very competitive market for coders and software engineers. Our curriculum has evolved as we adapted to the latest and greatest technologies. We have a mission set to take on filling in the professional gap by teaching coding to newbies and beginners. We put a lot of effort in assembling out our curriculums and we feel humbled every time we are involved in helping a student reach his/her goal of being a professional coder, advance their career or build something out to the world.



Our curriculum will expose you to the latest in modern software development and coding techniques. The curriculum is based on current technology trends and marketplace demand from industry leaders. We cultivate a passion for discovering and learning, a necessary quality in today’s rapidly changing programming landscape. Most of the in-class activities are from actual challenges we came across while working for top tech companies in the Silicon Valley. After graduating you’ll be an expert in the technologies we teach, and adaptive enough to pick up new ones as trends change over time.



Our instructors are experienced coders and programmers who work for the leading tech company in the heart of silicon valley in northern California. Their passion to coding is what led them to teach others how to code. Our instructors follow an interactive way to deliver the course material, It takes both, awesome instructors and great syllabus to achieve the holly grail in coding. All instructors also have prior teaching experience, whether in formal settings, like the traditional classrooms of reputable schools and universities, or through mentorship while working in senior software engineering roles.